Matter and AP Pension launch new partnership on sustainable pension savings.

You can save tons of CO2 emission with a sustainable pension

We’re becoming more and more conscious about our footprint on the world. We take the bike to work. We sort our trash. We eat less meat and convert to vegetarianism. We stop printing. But few are aware of the fact that their pensions also have a huge impact on sustainability – an impact that goes far beyond their private consumption.
We have taken a closer look at how the large pension companies in Denmark invest. We analysed how much CO2 is emitted, the amounts of fossil fuels they own and how much green energy is produced by the companies they invest in. We compared it with our sustainable pension, we offer in collaboration with Skandia.

An average pension saving comes with a carbon footprint of 5 tons

A normal pension contributes to enormous amounts CO2 emission, because it is invested in companies that damage our climate and environment by pension companies. An average Danish pension of 150.000 Danish Kroner in savings comes with a carbon footprint of over 5 tons, because it is invested in companies that emit a lot of CO2 through production and daily work. That is almost as much CO2 as a Dane emits a year through consumption. These figure confirm that it makes sense to take an extra look at ones pension savings.
We have measured how much we can reduce the carbon footprint of a pension by investing it more sustainably – like we do at Matter and the results are motivating!
Being a customer with us, you contribute to emitting far less CO2 than if you had your savings in another pension company. Actually, you’ll be able to reduce the CO2 emission with 2 tons from 5 to 3.

Produce 3,5 years use of green energy with your savings

The most significant result you can achieve with a sustainable pension is that you contribute to producing more green energy. With 150.000 Danish Kroner in savings you contribute to the production of more than 5700 kWh renewable energy! That’s more than 1500% more than with a normal pension. How much is 5700 kWh? It corresponds to how much energy an average Dane consumes in over 3,5 years!
We think that pension is the obvious place to start to create a big impact. It doesn’t require much to become a customer and you’ll automatically contribute to the green transition from day one!

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