Matter and AP Pension launch new partnership on sustainable pension savings.

Types of insurances

In the initial stages, Matter and Skandia have focused on sustainable savings, but Skandia also offers life and health insurance, if you need it.

Life insurance

There are different ways of taking care of your family and loved ones when you are no longer here. For example, you can secure them financially if you die. Talk to Skandia’s advisors about your needs, and they can help you with a scheme that fits your needs.

Loss of working ability

There are also ways of securing yourself and your family in case you get sick or suffer from an accident. An insurance against loss of working ability will then secure you a steady income until you are back at work, or until you retire.

Critical disease

Finally, you can protect yourself financially against a range of critical diseases. Through this, you are secured a one-off payment in case you fall ill and need expert treatment outside of Denmark. You can see the list of the diseases covered here.

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