Matter and AP Pension launch new partnership on sustainable pension savings.

Sustainable pensions need not sacrifice returns

We understand that when saving for your retirement, financial performance is crucially important. A common misconception is that investing sustainably means sacrificing financial returns. Increasingly, this is being proved not to be the case. We and Skandia Asset Management are doing our best to create the best possible return on our portfolio. Naturally at this stage we cannot say anything yet how the return on our portfolio has been performing, because it doesn’t have any history yet. Nonetheless, we believe and evidence suggests that investing your pension sustainably also provide strong financial returns for your retirement.

Responsibility has paid off for 10 years

Over the last 10 years, investments that perform well on environmental and social parameters have also performed as well or better than the rest of the market when it comes to return. This shows that it has been profitable to invest sustainably. You can read more about the relationship between sustainability and financial returns here.

Sustainability means stability

One of the reasons why they perform better is that companies that behave responsively are less risky than others. They are, for example, less exposed to criticism in media, involved in fewer cases involving money laundering and are less dependent on oil prices. All of this makes them more stable than other companies which means their stock price fluctuates less.

Sustainable investments do not have to be expensive

Together with Skandia, we have built the portfolio in a way that it is very similar to a portfolio of a normal Danish pension.

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