Matter and AP Pension launch new partnership on sustainable pension savings.


Sustainable pensions are not as complicated as you might think.

How Matter Works

Is Matter a pension company?

No, not exactly. We are lead-generators for Skandia, so you are actually a customer at Skandia. Matter assists Skandia in analyzing and screening the investment portfolios associated with the savings of Matter customers. Because of the way Matter and its partnership with Skandia works, everything you see and experience as a Matter customer feels like a usual pension product at Skandia, except that Matter helps Skandia guarantee a responsible investment portfolio and a different digital user-experience through the dashboard.

How does Matter’s partnership with Skandia work?

We have entered into a partnership with Skandia to create sustainable pension savings. Read more here.


Are there any special risks?

We work with Skandia to ensure that there are no extra risks attached to getting a sustainable pension with Matter. Your pension savings are administered by Skandia. That also means, that if something happens to Matter - for example, if we go bankrupt - then nothing happens to your money, which remains safe with Skandia. You get a completely normal pension account - as with any other Danish pension company - with the one difference that your money is invested sustainably.


How does Skandia invest my pension?

Skandia puts together your investment portfolio using a range of sustainable exchange-traded investment funds, known as ETF’s. It is not simple to combine sustainable investments and ETF’s. As one ETF contains many different stocks or bonds, we often find that a single company within the ETF does not fulfil our sustainability criteria. Therefore, we often avoid many different ETF’s, because we are excluding a specific company within it.


How do we guarantee sustainability in investments?

Matter guarantees sustainability by thoroughly screening the companies that are included in the portfolio. We are working hard to secure both sustainability and an appealing responsible profile in a time where the market for sustainable investments is still developing. Our solution is not yet perfect, but we are working hard to improve it - read more here.

What makes a pension sustainable?

No matter which pension provider you use, your savings are invested in a range of stocks and bonds. When we talk about sustainability and pensions, the key is where your money is invested. Pension companies today invest in a range of harmful and irresponsible companies that harm the planet and society as a whole w. At Matter, we know that things can be done better. For example, Matter and Skandia avoid fossil fuels, weapon and tobacco, when investing your money. Read more here.


Is it more expensive to get a sustainable pension with Matter and Skandia?

We are working hard to make sure that it doesn’t cost you extra to make a sustainable choice with your pension. Sustainable investments can be expensive, if all screening and quality assurance of the portfolio is handled manually. Therefore, we have created a tool to automate the screening process to lower the fees you pay for investments. You can view our pricing here.

My pension

What returns can I expect?

We cannot tell you how your returns are going to look. We do not have a history on our portfolios yet and even if we had we cannot predict future returns based on history. Over the last ten years it has been increasingly shown that responsible and environmentally friendly investments have either matched or performed better than the rest of the market when it comes to financial returns. Read more here

What advantages do I get with Matter?

Together with Skandia, we make sure you get the most sustainable pension plan in Denmark. We make sure that your money is invested responsibly while your savings are growing towards your retirement. Unlike other pension providers, we give you the opportunity to see what happens to your money. We have an ambition to give you a transparent overview of your whole portfolio. Additionally, we are unique in allowing you to track the impact your pension is creating. We have made a calculator that measures how much your exact saving amount has contributed with in terms of reducing CO2 emissions and waste production and how much green energy your investments have helped produce.

Can I move my pension if I have another pension fund?

If you are in any doubt about whether you can move your existing pension plan from another company and get a sustainable pension with Matter and Skandia, we are happy to talk to you about your options, as rules and regulations around pensions can be hard to navigate and understand. It will not be possible for everyone to move their pension plan, but we will do everything we can to find the best solution for you. Sign up here and we will call you to discuss your possibilities.

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