Matter and AP Pension launch new partnership on sustainable pension savings.


with existing pension saving
If you already have an existing pension plan in Denmark, you can still become a customer with Matter and Skandia. You can either move your existing pension savings, or start a new pension from scratch. There are several options, and Skandia’s experienced pension advisors will help you take your and your family’s financial situation into account, when you decide whether you want to sign up and how much you want to save.
Through Skandia you also have the option to insure yourself in case you lose your ability to work, due to e.g. an accident or an illness. In this way, a pension plan is not only about saving up for retirement, but also about protecting your income during the years you work.

If you already have a pension plan with another provider in Denmark, you can make a big positive impact by moving it to sustainable investments. By moving a pension to matter, the average Danish pension customer can actually avoid fossil fuel investments and CO2-emissions equal to the consumption of 80 cars annually.

Like many others, your schedule means you probably struggle find the time to think about your pension savings. So if you want to become a customer with Matter, we will call you at a time you choose. All you have to do is pick up your phone.

If you have other questions you can read more here.

If you’re ready to become a customer, you can sign up for a talk below.

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