Matter and AP Pension launch new partnership on sustainable pension savings.

A brief introduction to pensions

Think of pensions as a saving for the future. You put aside money today, to have an income when you retire. You can read more below.

Get started early

Your pension is one of the most important savings-deposits in your life; it secures your financial well-being when you don’t work anymore and can have a very large impact on your way of life after your time in the job market. Your total savings depend not only on how much you deposit and for how long you do so, but also on the market returns of your investments and the costs you pay to the pensions company that manages and invests your money. Through Matter you become a customer with Skandia, where you can save up for your retirement in three ways; with a so-called “rate” pension, a “life-long” pension and an “age insurance” pension. Which one is best for you depends on your situation and your preferences, and we will be there to help you choose, once you sign up as a customer. You can read more about the different types of pensions here.
Did you know?

Everyone can see their own pensions savings on

Pensions are also about insurance

Being future-proof is about more than just savings; a pension agreement typically consists of both savings and insurances. Where savings are supposed to secure your livelihood when you no longer work, insurances cover you when something unexpected happens to you on your way to retirement.

A pension can also be tied with insurance plans that give you and your loved-ones a sense of security, if you should ever lose your capacity to work, become seriously ill or die. This type of insurance is cheaper when you acquire it as part of a collective agreement at your workplace, but it is also possible to attain one as an individual customer.

Insurances are provided and administered by our collaborator Skandia, who can advise you as to how your needs can best be met. They offer different options for insurance; insurance against loss of working capacity, insurance against critical illness and insurance in the case of death. Additionally, you can join a health-insurance plan that, among other benefits, covers your expenses for chiropractic, psycho- and physiotherapists.

You can read more about the different types of insurance here.
Be covered today and in the future

Pension often includes savings for the future and insurances for today

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