Matter and AP Pension launch new partnership on sustainable pension savings.


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Matter raises funding from NREP-founders
We are happy and proud to announce that Matter has raised 3.7 MDKK from the founders of Nordic Real Estate Partners, Mikkel Bülow-Lehnsby and Rasmus ...
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Matter launches new partnership with AP Pension
Matter’s partner Skandia was acquired by AP Pension in the beginning of 2019, which created a foundation for a new partnership between Matter and AP...
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“Are you also a climate snowflake now?”
By Nete Green Johannsen, CMO at Matter  Our dialogue about the sustainable choices we make has become negative. When my sister in law said no thank y...
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4 reasons why your pension shouldn’t be invested in tobacco
Around much of the developed world, the overwhelming negative impacts of tobacco are increasingly well recognised. Governments across the world have r...
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Did you know that your pension is financing weapons for war?
If you have your pension with one of the Danish pension funds, your money is probably taking part in financing weapon companies who produce and delive...
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How Matter makes your pension sustainable
We get asked all the time about how our customer’s pensions will be invested sustainably when they sign up with Matter. In this blogpost, we elabora...
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Where does your money sleep at night? See the number of harmful companies in an average pension portfolio
What, exactly, is your pension invested in? You probably cannot answer this question – and maybe you haven’t thought a lot about it, because your ...
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Does Active Ownership ensure sustainable investments?
Maybe you have heard about “active ownership”? It means that shareholders are taking a more active role in ensuring that companies they are invest...
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“I now have a pension that matches my values”
We have talked to our customer, Tanja Gotthardsen, development consultant and sustainability promoter, about what considerations she had before signin...
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Pension companies are boosting the oil industry’s growth and working against climate goals
If we are to meet the 2-degree target set forth in the Paris Agreement, 80% of all known carbon reserves need to stay underground. But carbon-intensiv...
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