Sustainable pensions

Let your savings make a difference

What makes a pension sustainable?

We ensure your pension is invested sustainably while you save up. This means no investments in fossil fuels, weapons and tobacco, and more investments in clean energy, health and new technology.

Sustainability is good business

A sustainable pension is good for your wallet and the world around you. Research shows that sustainable investments perform just as well as the rest of the market.

Lean back - we’ll do the work

We are in partnership with one of Scandinavia’s largest pension companies to ensure your financial security and provide you with professional support

Track the impact you're making

Keep track of the impact that your investments are making with your personal dashboard.

Matter is for everyone

Getting started

with little or no savings


with existing pension savings


with or without a pension plan

It’s easy to become a customer

1. Sign up

Send us your contact details and book time for a short phone meeting.

2. Talk to us

Receive a short call from us and advice from Skandia at a time that suits you.

3. Start saving up

Sign electronically, and you’re all set for a sustainable pension.

Create a sustainable pension

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